Stefan T. Nickells

Hi, I’m Stefan. An American Web & Visual Designer.
I craft strategy, identity, & digital experiences. Interested in how visual & strategic design inspire new spheres for imagination.

From startups to B2B firms,
a brief overview:

I've leveraged a combination of concept projects, freelance work, and agency experience to create products and identities that stand apart. I've worked on larger teams for B2B firms and award-winning marketing sites to smaller projects with non-profits & startup schools looking to establish a polished identity for their bold ideas and programs.

As a growing designer, I'm confident I won't have all the answers, but I'll never be short of questions. I prioritize honest communication and an analytical approach that sidesteps trendy visuals for the longevity of functional use. And my personal bent towards self-examination and humility affords a "beginner's mind" that gives teams a viewpoint of what's possible rather than what's not.



XQ Schools

x8 Data


Dirt Rich

Technical Skills





After Effects




UX /UI Skills

User Research

Information Architecture

User Flows + Journey Mapping



Usability Testing

Design Skills


Concept Development

Creative Direction

Web Design

Web Development

Content Design


English – Native speaker

Portuguese – A1

Spanish – A2


Certificate Interface Design

Shift Nudge (Late Summer 2023)

Certificate Graphic Design

Shillington School of Design(Summer 2022)

Certificate UX Design

Springboard(Summer 2022)

BA Communication & Rhetoric

Texas A&M University(Spring 2010)


Relentless about the Research

To create an effective design future, it's important to understand the design past. Stakeholder conversations, user interviews, brand architecture, product research, competitive reviews, internal audits, etc. all give shape to a clear sense of where to go and how we'll know what success looks like.

Clarity in Communication

Design that is only understood by other designers is already an extinct artifact. Modules and components that can't be described, reasoned, or clarified fail to win converts. I try my level best to focus on communication with developers, project managers, clients and others as a hard skill--to express ideas clearly, explain decisions concisely, and listen more attentively.

Scalable Branding

Product UI is a single asset. A larger brand picture exists that includes other digital assets such as brand foundations, marketing principles, experience drivers and motion principles. Designing a coherent UI requires seeing the forest for the trees so that the local styles (type, color, image treatment, tone of voice) correspond to global directives (art direction, physical rollout, user journeys, developer libraries, etc.)

Design = System

Design systems exists for a reason--they coordinate, corral, and guide a team's consistent changes. I've made a habit of pushing local, mid-sprint changes to the global system (once client-approved). I've learned the hard way that between convoluted canvas boards and the next iteration of requests, local changes have global impact and these details can easily become lost when keeping apace with project timelines.

Attitude > Aptitude

As I continue to narrow gaps in my skillset and exceed expected outcomes, my (cautious) excitement to fail and commitment to risk is the all important formula that ensures that as the challenges of work change, my attitude does not.



UX / UI Design Intern

Jan 2023 - April 2023


Digital Designer

May 2022 - current

Foxtail Förskola

Co-Founder / Project Director

June 2018 - current

Glacier Institute

Program Manager

May 2016 - May 2018

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