Stefan T. Nickells
Web Design





Late 2022 - Early 2023

Scope of Work

Web Design | UX/UI


UX / UI Design Intern



Guild is a B2B, career opportunity platform that provides up-skilling and career mobility access to create a competitive advantage for forward-thinking companies. As part of the design team, we employed the colorful energy from a refreshed brand identity to build a scalable, responsive web solution that highlights partner stories and grows the Guild reputation as an iconic brand.

Brand Beginnings

The new brand identity by Collins weaves flowing and distinctive forms, giving shape to Athletics' narrative-centric art direction. By centering around Guild's diverse audiences and distinguished partners, we could show the real-life impact on real people. The web concept focused on this "hero portraiture", supporting it throughout with a casual serif, canvases of soothing color, and a strategic focus on storytelling.

Lacing up the UI

I was brought in during the UI design phase to help develop concepts, execute final module designs, and build a library of responsive components & assets. This included card designs, site interactions and states, blog and editorial functionality, and general section layouts.

Micro-interactions across the site followed a set of motion principles that captured the brand values of growth, ambition, and rising opportunities.

The design team and I prototyped many of the interaction experiences across the site. This was critical for client presentations where we could quickly identify problem areas like accessibility concerns or usability issues.

As an example, the blog layout, filtering, and content structure created a lot of back-and-forth. The final solution sought simplicity & ease of use by streamlining the tagging system, removing the extra "weight" of a top heavy search, and migrating all learning resources to a single page.

Annotating work in Notion for the Dev team created a reliable design reference for design iterations & inevitable bugs using an efficient ticketing system for appending notes during QA collaboration and client hand-off.

Design Team Credits

Project Partner

Matt Owens

Creative Director

Daniel Irizzary

Senior Designer

Ana Realmuto

Senior IxD Designer

Kristen Barry

Associate Designer

Loli Vaccaro

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