Stefan T. Nickells
UX Research
UI Design





Spring 2022


UX Research | UI Design | Concept


Lead Designer

Intensive parenting norms and lack of structural support has made modern parenting a unique challenge. The market is flooded with tips and enrichment activities, leaving parents with a feeling of, “how do I know what to choose?”

Using a human-centered design approach...I developed an all-in-one parenting app that aggregates the latest news, facilitates advice-giving and story-telling between members, and supports families with 1-on-1 coaching classes and live audio huddles with other parents.

Starting with questions

What will the market support? Who's currently offering the most value to parents? Are the real needs of families being adequately addressed?

I tried to make few assumptions early on and take in the real thoughts of parents, the services offered by in-market competitors, and a deep dive into character profiles of what being a contemporary parent is like.

Chatting with  parents, in addition to the surveys, helped drill down on the confusion around whether existing tech was doing more harm than good.

With a clearer sense of my users in hand, I wanted to tell a 2-part story of Henry and Ellie, two parents with different family structures and work schedules, that captured the unique perspectives & challenges of parenthood.

Once the routes were sketched, I moderated five usability tests with the target audience at a local cafe. I updated interactive elements in this quick, lo-fi wireframe before diving into the style and UI visuals.

With UX-first copy, descriptions are built upon goal-oriented actions, helping a specific group of people solve the problems that came up e.g. "database lists quickly evaporate" or "manual retrieval doesn't reward the time invested with high enough conversion rates.

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