Stefan T. Nickells

Quiosque Lisboa


Quiosque Lisboa


Summer 2022


Concept | Identity | Campaign


Freelance Designer

Quiosque Lisboa wants to give locals some love for being, well, local. In the midst of a tourist bombardment of the city and its beloved rituals, I built a campaign for Quiosque Lisboa in the bounce-back summer of 2022 around a loyalty card that rewards locals for their slower lifestyles and winks to the resident crowd about  some quirky local customs and a cheeky acknowledgement of naïve visitors.

I was motivated by the lifestyles of Lisboetas, the colors and textures of the city, and the customs that contribute to the secrets of living like a local.

Initial layouts for the discounted “cordial card”, capitalizing on the historic dome design, casual block type, and the fizzy cordials that make the kiosks famous.

With UX-first copy, descriptions are built upon goal-oriented actions, helping a specific group of people solve the problems that came up e.g. "database lists quickly evaporate" or "manual retrieval doesn't reward the time invested with high enough conversion rates.

Next Project

le Maquis (coming soon)

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