Stefan T. Nickells





Summer 2023

Scope of Work

Concept | Identity


Freelance Designer

A small, 3-person interior design firm from North London was humming along when the pandemic-driven exodus from the office to the home sparked an idea: pivoting from large-scale interior remodels to a tight focus on work-from-home redesigns that still provided contemporary style and bespoke architectural solutions.

A new identity needed to capture the studio's commitment to a simple design process, functionalism and truth in materials, while standing apart from the refined brand signature of thin serifs and traces of high-luxury.

An information packet gives all the essentials for prospective clients, examples of past work, and a quick "by the numbers" impact section that summarizes the firm's effectiveness.

Photography selects are meant to show the range of design implementations, from open, light-filled lofts to knotted wood accents and modular shelving.

With UX-first copy, descriptions are built upon goal-oriented actions, helping a specific group of people solve the problems that came up e.g. "database lists quickly evaporate" or "manual retrieval doesn't reward the time invested with high enough conversion rates.

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