Stefan T. Nickells
Web Design





Spring 2023

Scope of Work

Web Design | UX / UI


Digital Designer



As a national leader in high school transformation and student opportunity, XQ Institute needed a digital presence that heralded their diverse programming and widespread success. As a long-time partner with Athletics for their organization's visual identity, this web reboot sought to inflect more color and brio, a bolder personality and a simplified architecture that could still foreground the critical programming and social infrastructure at schools nationwide.

A system of video headers, grid-line banners, and ecclectic collage meets the present business challenge head-on: create a site that's easier to use for all stakeholders AND that represents the innovation happening at school sites.

A custom typeface (Aerobik) paired with the characterful Roobert for standout headlines gives a youthful look and offers dynamic digital brand extensions.

The collage heroes introduce a wider color range than the previous site and express the diversity, achievement, and individuality of the teachers and students at XQ schools.

Design Team Credits

Project Partner & Creative Lead

Matt Owens

With UX-first copy, descriptions are built upon goal-oriented actions, helping a specific group of people solve the problems that came up e.g. "database lists quickly evaporate" or "manual retrieval doesn't reward the time invested with high enough conversion rates.

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